Aujourd'hui C'est Mercredi - Magnetic Guess Who Came/10

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It's time to play with friends with the magnetic game Guess Who Came. The game can be taken anywhere thanks to its travel size and easy to carry handle. Children will have fun discovering the name of the character hidden in front of them by asking questions about their appearance and accessories. One by one, the players question each other and position a red cross on the faces that do not match the description. The game includes: 2 foldable cardboard sheets, 24 character cards and magnetic red crosses. Concentration and analysis are skills promoted by this magnetic game.

Size: 7.5 x 4 x 6"

Age: 3+

Drrriiiing, there goes the school bell! New starters at primary school need time out to simply have fun. Aujourd’hui c’est mercredi (Today is Wednesday) symbolises leisure time and suggests ideas for play on Wednesdays – as well as during break time or en route for the holidays! Inspired by toys and games from the Fifties, there’s a classic kite in the shape of a bat, gold and silver juggling balls and even a traditional mikado set, but this time in jumbo format!