Trudi - Sevi

Now in their 184th year, Sevi is Europe's oldest wooden toy manufacturer. With all of their designs originating with specially trained toy designers in Italy, Sevi products are then produced in the Far East in a Trudi-run factory employing local artisans under fair and safe working conditions.

All of Sevi's products are extremely durable, eco-friendly, and kid safe. Each has been thoroughly and rigorously tested by an independent lab to meet or exceed all European and US federal regulations for children’s toys. Parents never need to worry about the quality or safety of any Sevi product.

Additionally, Sevi abides by 10 of their own unique commandments which focus on the design, quality, and educational benefits of the finished product. Sevi has long chosen wood as their primary medium because it is "a living, natural material," but in recent years they've begun introducing other child- and eco-friendly materials as well! "Love nature, play wood, enjoy Sevi."