Dans la ville

In town, you’ll find a garage, buses and small cars as well as a build your own construction site in blue and red !

In 2015, Moulin Roty looked to enrich its collections and partnered with Aurélien Débat for the illustrations on the metal toy range.

This ‘rich and wonderful’ partnership has given birth this year to a collection around Aurélien’s toys. Our favourite is the set of construction site stamps, a kind of two dimensional meccano.

Between graphics, architecture and toys from our childhood, the shapes and colours take form and become play areas for the imagination.

After studying at the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts, Aurélien Débat worked in children’s publishing and the press. In recent years, he has turned toward personal creations in a variety of different forms: graphic design, publishing, objects, exhibitions… Since 2015, Aurélien has enriched Moulin Roty’s universe with his colourful retro-style illustrations, for a range of toys inspired by his own childhood memories.